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Xperience Boudoir Photographer of the year 2018/2019


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Newborn Babies are a wonder to behold, so capturing those expressions and emotions are essential within the first few days of their lives and it is a passion of mine. Their little bodies still have a natural shape that replicates your bump shape, their piece and tranquility through sleep, show their dependency on the loving parents whilst displaying their vulnerability, recorded in print to be loved forever.

Babyhood and Childhood are fleeting moments of imagination, play and creation which pass in the blink of an eye; without a cherished photo, will anyone remember the gaze of your child’s eyes, the curl of their hair, a simple hand gesture, capturing these changes in print retains those memories.

Whether it be for a newborn Baby session or to talk about My 1st Year album builder, then please Contact me to make a no obligation appointment so you may see my work.

JBM Photography, 162 Wimborne Rd, Poole, Dorset, BH15 2EJ.  

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