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BoudNoir FAQ

Q: How do I book a Boudoir/BoudNoir photo session?

A: You can call on either of the numbers in the contact section, also listed at the bottom of this page. You can also send an e-mail.

Q: I notice it is a male photographer, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that for this style of picture.

A: I can assure you I have been in this genre of photography for a number of years and have nothing but compliments from the ladies who have been through the experience. On many occasions it has been seen as a positive as I’m taking images for their male partner, Fiancé, Husband and believe I will take images more to a mans liking? To allay any concerns you have and to support me, my Female make-up artist will be available throughout to assist and provide guidance where required.

Q: What is a BoudNoir session and how is it different to standard Boudoir?

A: I specialise in creating photographic portraits of women at the sensual best. My approach is the shape and style the female form using light and shadow to emphasise the natural beauty. My unique approach appeals to women who want more than predictable Boudoir photos. The results are sensual, seductive and stunning, images that capture my client’s personalities tastefully and artistically in a timeless black and white style, an experience I call BoudNoir.

Q: Who does a BouNoir session?

A: Any woman who wants to celebrate her life. This could be something for a significant other, following a separation to give a new start, before she has children, significant turning point in life or just a little something to elevate her confidence and reveal her inner beauty?

Q: I note you only provide a professional make-up artist and not hair as well, why?

A: We believe that hair design and styling is very personal and many of my clients go to their professional salon before their shoot as they prefer the same stylist to work on their hair. The make-up artist can tidy up the hair where required prior to the shoot.

Q: I’m not confident to be just in lingerie or I’m not a lingerie kind of woman, can I still do a BoudNoir shoot?

A: Most definitely! There are so many ways to be sensual and seductive without being in lingerie. We can make amazing images in big jumpers, T shirt and jeans well almost most anything.

Q: I am worried about my body, I am no stick insect can you help me?

A: People of all shapes and sizes, as well as ages from 18-55 have been to the studio. It is our job to advise on the most flattering outfits, lighting and pose to make you feel comfortable. These sessions are all about having fun, letting yourself go and a good excuse to go out and buy yourself some new lingerie as well as have a beauty treatment or two in preparation.

Q: I would love a BoudNoir session but I’m just not photogenic?

A: After photographing many women for many years, I’m confident that you will be thrilled with your photos. We pose ladies to suit their body shape and size, all ladies are beautiful and are photogenic.

Q: I would love to have some pictures taken to be displayed on the wall but would not like them to reveal it is me?

A: This is not a problem, there are a variety of poses, lighting setups and angles that can be taken to prevent revealing the person in the picture. Several people have taken this approach so they can hang pictures on their wall and the guests that visit their home are none the wiser.

Q: I can’t really justify spending money on myself.

A: That is fully understood but this is an amazing uplifting experience designed to build your self confidence and reveal the inner you. Something you will be able to look back on through your pictures and embrace the memories for years to come, whether this is an experience just for you or something you will share with a significant other.

Q: Can I bring someone to the session with me?

A: We completely understand how a BoudNoir session can be a very nervous experience until you get into the swing of it. We don’t mind you bringing a friend (limited to 1) along, we do wish to make sure your session runs as smoothly as possible. We ask that your friend be a female and that she does not take mobile pictures or video during the session. It is also important to make sure you are completely comfortable in front of the friend you choose to bring.

Q: Should I turn up in the Lingerie I want to be photographed in?

A: As there is a dedicated changing area this will not be necessary, in fact we advise you not to wear anything too tight fitting whilst travelling that will leave pressure marks on the skin for the Photo session that will start after you arrive at the studio.

Q: Will my photos be published online?

A: No photos are shared online or in print without your written consent. Image sharing is completely up to our clients and you are in no way obligated to share your images. You will be asked to complete an image release to complete and sign at the viewing session, where you may opt in or out of image sharing. Obviously to further encourage other ladies to go through the experience, I would love to be able to show of the memories we had created.

Q: Will you retouch my photos?

A: Whilst we do remove blemishes and do an amazing skin smoothing if required we do not do excessive editing, such as body resizing or reshaping. We flatter every figure through posing, lighting and the perfect outfit to compliment your looks.

Q: When will I receive my order?

A: You will receive your final order within 4 weeks after the order is agreed and fully paid for. If you have a specific date that you need your photos by let us know ahead of time and we can make that happen for you if possible.

Q: I want my pictures by a certain time how far in advance should I book?

A: As a rule, following the photo session the images are ready for revealing at the viewing session no more than 3 weeks after the shoot. Once you have chosen your investments and paid for them in full, I recommend allowing 6 weeks delivery time, so all in all to be safe, allow 9 weeks before the date you need the products.

Q: Will you travel to my house to take the photos?

A: The sessions are geared towards being taken at the studio. As peoples homes vary to a great extent, in order to guarantee the style I am after and that the appropriate studio equipment is available I recommend the images be captured in the studio. Should you have a real desire for them to be captured in your home then perhaps a pre shoot liaison visit will be required so the home shoot may be considered fully. Depending on the distance to your location and the time taken, there maybe a charge.

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