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Xperience Boudoir Photographer of the year 2018/2019

BoudNoir what to bring

What to bring?

Bring a variety of lingerie that makes you feel the best. Other items include tank tops, vests, camisole, shorts, heels, his shirt…the options are endless, everybody has a different taste. Bring a variety of outfits, bring your own accessories too including jewellery, most importantly bring what makes you feel comfortable! It’s up to you on how much you want to show or not.

Should I turn up in the Lingerie I want to be photographed in?

As there is a dedicated changing area this will not be necessary, in fact we advise you not to wear anything too tight fitting whilst travelling that will leave pressure marks on the skin for the Photo session that will start after you arrive at the studio. Our clients come in all shapes, sizes and ages. We have photographed women from age 18 to 55 and size 6 to size 22. Our job is to advise you of the most flattering sets to be photographed in and to pose and light you in the best way for your individual body shape, so we accentuate your best bits and disguise the bits you're not so keen on.

A cardigan or top that can fall off the shoulder

A great way to start the session, less revealing until your confidence grows. It will bring the eye up to your cleavage and create a beautiful shape in the waist when buttoned in the middle.

A button-up shirt

Same as above this is a session starter and helps build that rapport and confidence. This can be used in 2 different ways. First, you can borrow one from your husband/partner’s wardrobe, or you may already have one of those gorgeous sheer blouses. Either way, they are fun to use and are easily paired with a simple bra/knickers set.

Camisole - 

Sheer lace tops or voile like material are wonderful for a cheeky teaser shot to show off your silhouette and your curves.

Jeans or leggings - 

These are a great way to start, especially with a set of heels to define the shape and form of the body, whilst wearing the Bra/top to gain confidence.

Bodice or Basque - 

These are great to cover areas of the body you may wish to hide whilst enhancing the posture and style of the body.

Stockings and suspenders or hold-ups - 

Either of these options bring the seductive and sexy appeal to any photograph. A suspender belt provides additional elements that can be used in the posing of a shot.

Heels - 

Heels are great for accentuating the body and giving great shape to the Stance.

Colours of Lingerie - 

For the BoudNoir style of photography, to show the contrast between the skin and the Lingerie it is best to have black or darker colours. Black is never going out of style, and you can always dress it up with some gorgeous jewellery. Stockings are a good addition to the list of items you bring, again the darker colours present the best style for BoudNoir.

BoudNoir session planner

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