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Are you or a friend getting married in 2021 or 2022?

If the answer is yes, enter or competition to Win your own Bridal Confidential Boudoir Xperience and desk portrait worth £225.

So what is a Bridal Confidential session?

Bridal Confidential is all about you, it celebrates your inner Marilyn and the elegance of Hepburn that you’ve worked hard to achieve ahead of your Wedding and creates a memory to cherish forever.

As trained boudoir photographers we will ensure the utmost attention to detail from the start of the shoot to the finish. We are experts at making you look amazing, with a combination of our expertise in posing as well as our skills and mastery of lighting will ensure that we sculpt and shape the body to complete your transformation.

Every Bride works hard to make sure they look their best for their Wedding whether it be toning up so the dress fits perfectly or pampering yourself with salon treatments and hair appointments.

Why not treat yourself and capture yourself at a time when you look and feel at your very best, several weeks before your wedding day, so you can have your album ready to give to as a gift for your significant other or to cherish for yourself.

An added bonus is that posing for your Bridal Boudoir photos will prepare you perfectly for being more confident and poised in front of the camera on your Wedding Day!

60 minutes of pampering and glamour will make you look and feel like a film star or celebrity, and whether you chose to book a session as a gift for your loved one or as a treat for yourself, it will be an Xperience you’ll never forget.

Two Boudoir shoots in one, start with your Bridal lingerie or the light and bright set, then move into the Honeymoon lingerie for something a little more spicy.

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Q - Why would a bride to be choose to have a Bridal Boudoir Shoot?

Firstly to celebrate you, A boudoir shoot is a great way to celebrate yourself, to create some amazing photographs that reflect just how vivacious and incredible you really are. It's a piece of "You time".

To make you feel empowered and boost your self confidence before the big day. One of the most important reasons to organise a boudoir session is simply that you are enough...as you are right now, without changing anything!

Its a great excuse to go Lingerie shopping!

It will make you more relaxed in front of the camera on your wedding day, having learnt all the best poses to make you look amazing for your Boudoir shoot.

Reminiscing later in Life - gives you something to look back on as a special part of your life history.

For what it’s worth, a Bridal Confidential boudoir session is another way of celebrating your self, your journey, the joyous time leading to your wedding day and a lovely way to feel confident in your body.

Whether you’re gifting the photos to your fiancé or keeping them to yourself, a Bridal Boudoir session will be something you’ll cherish for many years.

Embrace the glow, feel the empowerment and make it last forever.

Q - When should a Bride to be, be planning to have this shoot?

The best time is a few months before the big day, on the lead up to the big day, things gets busy and stressful, we want you to enjoy the session and feel empowered afterwards, not thinking about the next to do item on the ever increasing wedding planning list.

It also gives sufficient time to turn around your chosen memories into something really special.

Q - Do you expect a Bride to be to use their own veils and jewellery?

If you have them and are content to use them then yes, equally if you have the lingerie that you will be wearing on the day, then bring it along, if not this could be a great excuse to purchase a little something extra for your lingerie collection to make the session all the more special.

We do have a couple of veils in the studio as well as a couple of tiaras, If the client has accessories to bring, then thats best as it personalises the session for them.

Q - Do I need to have my Wedding lingerie?

If you already have it and are willing, then that would be great. You could opt for a bridal boudoir theme and use your Wedding lingerie and veil then move into a more traditional boudoir photos where you get the chance to show off your honeymoon lingerie. Alternately bring a few different lingerie pieces, some light and bright and some more racy for say the Honeymoon. Stockings and heels are alway good choices if they are your style. Once we have done the lingerie shots, you could then progress to some nude or implied nude portraits in the classic Aphrodite style.

Q - How important is posing?

A great pose can really make an image go from “eh” to “awe!” Being able to guide someone into a flattering pose should not be undervalued. Also being able to direct someone to a place where they feel comfortable moving on their own is a true art. It’s a bit magical when you can achieve both a beautiful form and compelling expression. I recall a mentor of mine telling me that if i was asking a person to get into a specific pose, i best be able to do it myself as opposed to asking them to achieve the impossible.

Remember the poses learnt at your boudoir shoot, will pay dividends on your Wedding day posing for all those photographs.

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