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White Sheet Shoot session preparations

My goal is to make all my clients feel 100% comfortable! The aim is to create elegant and tasteful images that will last a lifetime. Many clients are anxious about Boudoir sessions and I often get asked..."What can I expect and how do I prepare?"

This page is designed to help calm any anxieties about shooting and learn more about what you can do to prepare and how our day will progress.

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Personal preparations

- If your session includes the professional make-up make-over, then please arrive for your session with clean dry hair and no makeup (I know it's a scary thought), we will give you a full professional makeover from scratch and this will really help get the best results from your makeover.

- Don’t wear anything that will leave marks on your skin the day of your shoot (tight bra, tight knickers, socks etc…).

- Wear loose fitting clothing to sit in your styling session before your shoot.

- Wash the bottom of your feet as they will show at times in the session!

- Skin looks better in photos with a creamy, light glow. Don’t tan too much before your shoot if the sun is out (as it will leave lines), please don’t use fake tan or if you do please ensure it was 7 days prior to the shoot to allow it to fully dry.

- Use clear deodorant as those white marks will show up on your skin.

- Get a manicure and pedicure, or at least do one yourself. People tend to forget about their nails, but they do show up in a majority of your photos. Chipped nail polish is not pretty.

- Make sure your personal grooming is done in advance so there’s minimal redness, bumps or rash the day of your shoot.  

- Hydrate well and moisturize your lips daily the week leading up to your shoot.

- You should eat something before you come and feel free to bring snacks.

- Be sure to get a good sleep the night before.

- Bring your diary with you on the day so you can book in your viewing session.

Session preparations

- Lingerie – White or light-coloured lingerie. Make sure it is well fitting and preferably a strapless Bra. Style of lingerie is up to you, the point of the White Sheet Shoot is that you can cover up with the white sheet, but equally if you want to reveal more then that’s fine.  Some clients like to use stick on bras which maintains the discretion but looks like topless especially when shooting across the back where no straps are then present.

If there are bits of your body you are not so confident with, then dress accordingly. Basques, corsets and all in-ones, are great at hiding the belly but again white in colour please.

Loose fitting shawls or lacy cardigans, hide shoulders and arms.

If you are a hosiery kind of person, then bring that along too.

- Shoes – Mostly the session is based around the sheet concept and therefore shoes aren’t required but I would suggest you bring a nice pair of heels, as if we do standing pictures, they are a great way to give shape and confidence to the body form.

- Accessories – Bring what you feel appropriate, if it’s your loved one’s shirt then bring it. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets are great to compliment the sessions. Bring more than you need as the chances are you will change your mind.

- Outfits - Sexy doesn’t necessarily mean less clothing. Here are some wardrobe or theme ideas:

Men’s dress shirt (white is my favourite) paired with panties, loose tie optional, Heels or bare feet.

Bra/pantie set

Corset and panties (stunning -highly recommend, particularly for curvier figures)

Sheer shirt, tank top or camisole with panties

Vintage night gown or slip

I have a load of white netting that we can use to help disguise or cover your features which allows enough to be viewed to great effect.

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Other things to consider

- Image ideas – Whilst I have prepared the White Sheet Shoot concept and have great ideas of how I wish it to look, please do feel free to Google or use Pinterest to get ideas of your own. Once you have found some you like, please send them over to JBM Photography before the session so we can at least look to factor them in.

You could also practice your posing before the great session.

Do push yourself to go a little bit outside of your comfort zone during the shoot. Some ladies think they will stay totally covered up during the entire shoot. Of course, you can if you want! But many ladies, once they are in the swing of it and having fun, decide to get a little risqué. I am not talking about totally nude or anything, but maybe a hint of nudity. I am all about making your photos tasteful and classy, but also creating something that you (and potentially your significant other) will LOVE.

Some of the best shots come when you let down your guard a little.

Don’t be nervous…it’s going to be amazing!

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