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Wedding FAQ

Every Wedding is different but there are some questions that arise frequently. If it is not covered below then please contact me.

How long will you take photographs for on our day and how many photos will you take?

The length of time for my attendance is dependent upon the option chosen. As for the number of photos taken this will vary, depending on the option chosen there will be in excess of 300 images to choose from.

How do we know what you will do for us?

Planning the day is important, so a pre-Wedding consultation and photo shoot can allay your concerns and allow me to discuss your requirements, see how you react to the Camera, as well as building a rapport before the day. This is included as part of the service depending upon the option chosen.

What style of photography do you employ?

The aim of my approach is to capture the essence of your day. Many photographers employ either a formal, journalistic or a reportage style. I believe to capture your day it will take a mix of all these photographic skills. Some formal shots may be required by you for Group photos, this ensures that you have recorded who attended, but the rest may be less staged and thus record the events of the day as they unfold. The pre-Wedding consultation will provide me with the must have photos that you require.

Do you have examples of your work?

Yes, as well as the examples that can be seen on this Web site I have example albums and a portfolio you may see when I visit for the initial consultation. It is always best to ask to see complete albums rather than judge a photographer on his/her best pictures! Do we get to choose the photos for our Album? Yes, I will provide you an online gallery for you to browse through at your leisure, this will be ready approximately 3 weeks after the wedding. You will then have a further few weeks to choose the photos you want for your album. The number required for an album will depend on the Album chosen and the number of full page images you require.

Wedding photography generally appears expensive, why can’t we just capture the day on our camera?

You are more than welcome to do so. Many people believe that photography is about just pressing the button, that only accounts for 10% of the work. What is important is the person behind the lens. What you are buying into is the experience of the photographer and the extensive time used before and after the big day, as well as the actual day itself. At the end of the day, you no longer have a limousine, the food has all gone, the wine is all drunk, the flowers have died, the dress has been put away never to be worn again and the only piece of cake remaining is the top tier for future events! The one thing you can still physically see for your money is the Wedding Album. Shouldn't it hold pride of place, worthy of the effort put into it and the appropriate expenditure so that you memories are retained.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. I would recommend to any prospective Wedding clients to take out insurance for their Wedding to cover their day against any eventuality.

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